There are a number of fundraising events being planned across the country in support of The Moira Fund. Please keep checking the site to see how you can support The Moira Fund in your area.

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Millie’s very special haircut

Millie Dangerfield, aged 9, will have her lovely hair cut off on 15th February...

at her primary school, Picknalls, in Uttoxeter, at least 8/9 inches of it, so that it can be sent to the Little Princess Trust which makes wigs for anyone under the age of 24 who has lost hair through illness. We think this is kind and thoughtful and rather brave of Millie. And she is doing more. She knows all about the Moira Fund from her mum and her grandparents and she wants to help us too by asking folks to sponsor her haircut. If you would like to do that, to support Millie and us, please donate here.