There are a number of fundraising events being planned across the country in support of The Moira Fund. Please keep checking the site to see how you can support The Moira Fund in your area.

Moira’s Anniversary Challenge

Donna and Steve Stone have set themselves a huge challenge for the 7th anniversary of Moira’s death and will set off from Queen’s Park, Glasgow, on Friday morning, 29th May, and cycle to Weston, Stafford, Moira’s home village, and hope to arrive there on the evening, 30th May.

A distance of 300 miles! In less than 2 days! It would be wonderful if you could sponsor Donna and Steve in their huge effort to help The Moira Fund. Donna, our village postie in Weston and Steve, who is our local UPVC expert and handyman have designed their own Moira Fund cycling gear for the Challenge and raised sponsorship to have these made.

Sponsor us at: