There are a number of fundraising events being planned across the country in support of The Moira Fund. Please keep checking the site to see how you can support The Moira Fund in your area.

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Virtual gin tasting with McLeans Gin

We are very excited to announce our virtual gin tasting event, on Friday the 16th of April, in partnership with  @McLeans Gin 

In a year where it has been extremely difficult for charities to fundraise, we were delighted at the idea of a virtual opportunity with McLeans - a gin brand that start its journey in none other than the south side of Glasgow. 


We would be delighted if you could join us for an evening of drinking great gin for a great cause! You can order your Tasting Box, here


4 x 5cl miniatures (ideal for sharing), accompanying Perfect Serve mixers and joining instructions for the tasting itself, hosted by Head Ginologist, Colin McLean. The tasting will be held on Zoom at 20.00 on 16th April. Boxes are priced at £29.95 with free delivery.