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The Moira Fund Roaring Twenties Ladies Luncheon

What a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon! The Moira Fund Roaring Twenties Ladies Luncheon was a Roaring success from beginning to end.

There was a beautiful venue, a superb meal, amazing entertainment, vintage ragtime jazz, a contemporary tenor and lindyhoppers, as well as a marathon of comedy from the absolutely amazing, multi-talented Elaine C Smith and all 169 flappers [ ladies] who attended had a truly wonderful time. 


The Moira Fund is hugely grateful to all who made this so very special, all who generously donated prizes for the event, the wonderful team from the Violence Reduction Unit of Police Scotland who organised it down to every tiny fantastic detail and Patron Elaine C Smith. A big thank you to them all. It was unforgettable and has raised a magnificent £5000 - £6000.