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A Helping Hand.

Jane’s son was murdered as the country went into lock-down..

and Jane is now isolated in her flat with her toddler grandchild – she is officially the foster carer. Her family keep in contact by phone but live far away. Key workers cannot visit or are self-isolating and so all contact with the police, the coroner, victim support and even the funeral home is by phone. She has no physical support, very little savings, and is struggling to make sense of everything, is worried sick about funeral costs.
We were contacted by Jane’s Support Worker and we were pleased to help.

Jane wrote:

My Homicide Support officer phoned to say she had applied for a grant from The Moira Fund and that £500 would be sent to the Funeral Home.  I could not believe it. After feeling so isolated and alone, suddenly there was someone giving me a helping hand. This made me cry and now the weight of this senseless act does not seem so heavy and reminds me that there are also good people in the world.

Thank you so very much.


*Names changed for confidentiality