Latest news about the Moira Fund

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A massive thanks to Colin and his wonderful colleagues at ASDA Lutterworth.

We were delighted this week to receive....

this amazing cheque thanks to bereaved dad, Colin[left] and his wonderful colleagues at ASDA Lutterworth.

In 2015, when 20 year-old Morgan, a much-loved son and brother, a talented artist and very popular hospital worker, was murdered, his family and the whole community was devastated. The Moira Fund provided some respite aid for his family and they have never forgotten. In all the difficult years since, many wonderful memorials to Morgan have been established, contact with the Moira Fund has been maintained and dad, Colin, with help from family andcolleagues has fundraised for us in many different ways.


We are so grateful.


We think that this letter from ASDA, telling of the efforts of Colin’s co-workers, in the midst of COVID, to support him and to support us says it all. Sometimes just “thank you” doesn’t seem to cover it.