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It is about four weeks now since we at The Moira Fund...

made the decision to self-isolate. That has not been a hardship for us as we are well aware of how of how very fortunate we are.  We have a garden, regular food deliveries, kind neighbours and loved ones who are constantly in touch.
We are also aware of how very difficult, how absolutely dire, the situation is for so many - those who have lost jobs, are struggling in small flats, worried about the welfare of their children, the health of elderly loved ones. And there are so many who have already been devastated by the loss of a loved one.
We know that for all of us our world will never be the same again and that   some of you, our supporters and followers, will already be struggling to cope in much-changed circumstances- some of you will be key workers and others will be dependent on these key workers to get through. We all need each other more than ever.
The Moira Fund wants to say a huge thank you to all of you out there, whose generous support with donations and fundraisers over the years has allowed us to help many hundreds of grieving families and to enable us to weather any crisis which could arise for us.
We never envisaged a crisis like this one, however, one which would engulf us all.
Clearly there can be no fundraising by The Moira Fund in the immediate future and all planned events have been cancelled. Whether or not our annual Golf Day in September and Moira’s Run in October can go ahead remains to be seen.
However, before the lock-down we informed our referrers, mainly the Homicide Support Services of Scotland and England that we would remain open and respond positively to Applications for Support. That news was well-received.  Generally speaking there has been a decrease in violent crime but the incidence of domestic abuse has soared with at many cases resulting in death. We are anticipating an increase in requests because of this and do hope we can help in some small way in the terrible aftermath of these deaths.
Our thoughts and kindest wishes are with you all.  Please take care of yourselves and others. Stay safe.