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Peace and Goodwill and thank you

A few weeks ago, we discussed

with the Scottish Homicide Service [Support for Families Bereaved through Violence], the desperate plight of many families at Christmas, those struggling in the very hardest of circumstances. They told us about 30 devastated families and, because of the wonderful support we have had from so many, we were in a position to help them.

Each of these families has now received a £100 voucher from The Moira Fund so they can put Christmas food on the table and they have had a £50 voucher too for each child, so that Santa can call. We know this will make a difference and we hope it lets them all know they are not forgotten.

We thank all who have made it possible for us to do this and to help many, many other traumatically bereaved families throughout the year, families in every part of the country and more than ever before in England. We couldn’t do what we do without you and we thank you for helping us to help them in Moira’s name.

We wish you all a safe and peaceful time over the festive season and beyond.

From all at The Moira Fund