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Smile and remember Jordan

The lovely announcement below,

designed for the folks of South Queensferry, was sent to us by Jordan’s parents Liz and Ian Mackay. We were very moved and wanted to share it with you.

As you may recall on 13th July 2014, a local lad, Jordan Mackay was cruelly murdered in  South Queensferry and taken away from those closest to him. He was funny, hard-working and couldn’t do enough to help those around him. As we look back over the last painful years without him, we are looking for a way to celebrate his memory while raising money for a worthy cause.

As a family we are planning a fundraising NIGHT TO SMILE AND REMEMBER Jordan on his 26th birthday, 28th February 2020. This disco night will be held locally with food, fundraising games and raffles. We have decided on a charity very close to our hearts: The Moira Fund.

After Jordan was cruelly taken from us , The Moira Fund reached out to the family offering their support, compassion and kindness in a time of need. We want to help other families going through a similar heartbreak and in our eyes, there is no charity better suited to this night and to honouring our Jordan.

We are looking for kind-hearted individuals and businesses who would like to support this event and our mission to help The Moira Fund.

Please help us to celebrate and remember the person that Jordan was and give back to a charity that was invaluable during our grief.

Thank you for your consideration and your kindness.

Liz Mackay.

Jordan’s birthday will be a day of very mixed emotions for Jordan’s family and friends but one full of warmth and love and we will be thinking of them and smiling for Jordan too.