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Thank you all

These last few days are always hectic ones for everyone

and that has certainly been the case for The Moira Fund as we have received more requests for help this year than ever before. These requests have been made on behalf of many who have recently found themselves struggling to cope in truly terrible circumstances, especially those who while grieving are also bringing up grandchildren or nieces and nephews as well. Their requests are varied, their circumstances all different but money is tight for them all and all are desperate that Father Christmas will leave something for their children. 

Thanks to your support The Moira Fund has been able to help.

It is so good for us to do this. And we have given this wee boost to these families, and to many others too, thanks to the kindness of our wonderful supporters, the generosity shown at our fundraising events throughout the year, the donations to our website or through the post and we are so very grateful for all the help and support we receive. Thank you all.
Our best wishes to you all for 2018