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Thank you for your help

As Christmas approaches we know that...

this is just the hardest of times for many families, families who have had a loved one cruelly taken from them in terrible circumstances. And, quite apart from the emotional devastation, many are struggling financially at the same time. They may have lost the main wage earner or have zero-hour contracts or be unable to work.

They may have had to move home at short notice leaving everything behind because it was a crime scene or because the police were concerned for their safety in that location – and there will have been very little help with the finances necessary for that. They may not have the funds to buy clothes suitable for a funeral, or for an appearance in the witness box in court, times when they feel the eyes of the world are on them and they want to do their

best for their loved one.

There will be children now being brought up by grandparents or an aunty, children who know and are stunned by events, and children totally bewildered by the changes wrought on their lives, by the absence of a mum or dad, brother or sister.

All of these folks need help, and all are concerned for each other, are desperate to make their new house into a home, want to make Christmas as ‘normal’ as possible for the children, are upset if they haven’t yet saved enough for a memorial stone, worried that they won’t have the funds to put Christmas food on the table.

This month The Moira Fund has received more requests than ever before and we have been asked to help in all the situations described above and more. We have responded positively to every one.

This has been possible because of all you wonderful people out there who have supported us throughout the year[s], who have walked or run for us, who have organized events or have sponsored participants, who have made donations, set up direct debits, provided prizes, bought tickets. Your money could not have been better spent.

You have made it possible for us to help so many desperate folk and on behalf of all these desperate folk we send our heartfelt thanks to you all. We are so grateful. It couldn’t happen without you.